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Ultra Maratona Atlântica

Melides – Tróia

Extraordinary race, unique in it's genre, in Portugal and in Europe, with 43 km long running on the beach sand between Melides and Troia, the event of Atlantic Ultra Marathon takes place on 25 July 2021


The race is open for all persons of any nationality, aged 18 years old or older who comply with the requirements of this regulation.

- Bibs pick-up will be from 07:00 to 8:00 either at the race secretarial installed on the beach of Melides for the Ultra Marathon, or Comporta for the runners of the Atlantica Race of 15Km

Complete instructions, safety pins, will be enclosed with your bib.

- Athletes must be concentrated on the start area Melides Beach for the Ultra race of 43km at 08:30am, and for the 15km at 09:00 in Comporta Beach.
- It is expected that the first athletes will arrive in Troia, around 11:45 ( about 2:45 after the start.) for the Ultra Marathon
- The time limit to finish the race and to be ranked is 8 hours for Ultra Marathon and 3 hours for the Atlantica 15Km race.
- The awards and convivial lunch will take place at 17:30 in Troia Beach

The event closes at 17:00, from this time will be collected all competitors still on the course.
However the athletes that have passed control of Soltróia Beach at 17.00 (37.5 km), can finish the race.
All the athletes who finish the Race after 17:00 will be not ranked


The Atlantic Ultra Marathon Melides - Tróia is an Adventure Race with the particularity to be held on self-sufficiency.

The Organization makes available to all athletes at the starting area (Secretariat) a supply consisting by, 1 piece of fruit, 1 gel or 1 energy bar.
Apart from this supply provided by the Organization, the athlete can take another solid or liquid supply, at its discretion.

All supplies will be transported by the athlete from the start area and will be under his own responsibility, not being allowed the athlete to receive any supplies along the route, except for 1L of water delivered by the Organization to every athlete, at the km 28,5 in Comporta Beach.

On finish area, athletes have access to liquids and fruits.


Due to the high distance of the race, the high sun exposure and floor characteristics, athletes must provide adequate physical condition.

Athletes are responsible for the material damage, moral or health, caused to themselves or to third parties.


Split time on the Beaches all along the route, will be made manual or electronic.

In order to avoid doubts, the route will still have several checkpoints that may not be identifiable by competitors, so the bibs must be visible along whole the race.


- Will be taken by any member of the organization, getting solid or liquid supply, or any other materials or foodstuffs.
- Will run out of the zone "public maritime domain" (beach) and may not under any circumstances climb separation dune or primary dune.
- Does not comply with this Regulation.
- Not complete the entire route.
- Do not take bib number clearly visible.
- Ignore the information transmitted by the Organization.
- Demonstrate an anti conduct - sport.
- Demonstrate a polluting conduct, left along the path outside the garbage collection points, wrappers or other waste from gels, bars and other supplies that can carry him-self.
- Be accompanied by people who are not in competition, at any time, on the race course.

The organization of this event is the responsibility of the Municipality of Grândola


Entry Fee
Ultra Marathon 15Km Atlantic
- 31 March
€ 35
€ 25
- 30 Avril
€ 40
€ 30
- 31 May
€ 45
€ 35
- 30 June
€ 55
€ 45
- 22 July
€ 70
€ 60


  • Technical T-Shirt 
  • Bib number 
  • Supplies with water
  • Insurance of the event
  • Fruits after the race
  • Certificate online
  • Medal of Participation
  • Recovering area with massages
  • Video Results

  • All runners are mailed a Bib Number Pick-up letter, printed with individual runner's bib number. Please verify the accuracy of all personal information on your letter when you receive it in the mail. If any changes need to be made, please e mail to: info@wanago.com Your race number may not be altered or copied in any way and may not be transferred to another participant or another event.

    There are no mailed bib numbers. Each entry is considered as non transferable and final and implies full acceptance of the rules. No refund will be made whatever the reasons. No registration transfer will be allowed, whatever the reasons.
    Any person retroceding his bib to a third party will be held responsible in case of an accident arising or provoked by this third party during the competition. The organisation is exempt from all responsibility in case of an accident in this type of situation.


    Medical assistance will be available at the start, en route and at the finish. It is imperative that runners complete their correct medical information on their entry.

    Should you require hospital treatment, you will be charged according to the hospital tariff rate

    Athletes who for any reason have a need to give up, have to wait for the car support that keep the route between the last and the first athlete during the competition, or walk to the checkpoint of the nearest beach, where they can receive transportation to the finish area.

    The drop out of a marathon must have to be communicated to the member of the organisation of the Beach Control Station or the driver of the support vehicle.

    All athletes are covered by Personal Accident Insurance, in accordance with the law in force.
    There is a medical team throughout the race course and on finish in Troia.
    The medical services are allowed to withdraw from the competition any athlete who manifest physical or psychological disability signals for to continue the race, or need to receive vital medical care.

    Ambulances are available in several point of easy access to the beach, assuring the transport of athletes by specialists from ​​the race course, to the ambulance.

    The Organization recommends the use of clothes and appropriate footwear, sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.


    All athletes should adopt a conduct of respect for nature, the landscape and the environment, carrying with him to the point nearest waste collection, all wastes considered waste arising from their participation in the competition.

    The importance of environmental responsibility is aggravated if we consider that it is impossible to the organization of the Ultra Marathon, collecting all the garbage left by the athletes as a result of the change of tide throughout the day.


    • It is strongly recommended that each participant write his/her name, telephone number (in case of emergency) and all other medical information, he / she deems appropriate, to the back of the bib. This information can be of the utmost importance if a health problem arises during the race

      Valid Email address

      We recommend to all competitors to provide us a valid e-mail@your-address.com this VALID e-mail address is very important, apart that this e-address will be the only way of communication between us, it will serve us to send you more relevant information about the event

    • Your bags will be transported to the finish area. Do not leave within the valuables. The organization accepts no liability for loss or theft.

      Ultra Maratona Atlântica Melides – Tróia

      When registering it is important to note your date of birth will reflect the age category you are allocated to. Below is a summary of information of age categories for the Ultra Marathon 43Km and Atlantic race 15Km.  

    Senior Female 18-39 years
    Veteran I Female 40-44 years
    II Veteran Female 45 and more
    Senior Male 18-34 years
    I Veteran Male 35-39 years
    Veteran II Male 40-44 years
    Veteran III Male 45-49 years
    Veteran IV Male 50-54 years
    Veteran V Male 55-59 years
    Veteran VI Male 60 and over

      There will be a catamaran that the athletes of the Ultra Marathon Melides Atlantic - Troia, may take the July 25, 2021. Ferries leave every 30 minutes from Setubal to Troia. Check timetable: Catamaran  


    Concerns the distance of 15Km - Corrida Atlantica - Comporta / Troia

    - Transport Bus:  (07.40am) Troia to Comporta - 3€ -
    These options are proposed in the registration form

    Concerns the distance of 43Km - Ultra Maratona Atlântica- Melides / Troia
      Transport Bus:  (06.15am) Troia to Melides - 3€ -  

    For the first 3 finishers Men and Women


    1º - 500 €
    2º - 250 € 
    3º - 125 € 

    ATLANTIC RACE 15Km   1º - 200 €
    2º - 150 € 
    3º - 100 €